Former MLB Manager Subdues Passenger Threatening To Blow Up Plane

Former Boston Red Sox manager and current Tampa Bay Rays broadcaster Kevin Kennedy helped subdue a crazed passenger on an early morning Delta Air Lines flight from Los Angeles to Florida on Friday.

Kennedy was one of a group of passengers who had to tackle and restrain Stanley Dwayne Sheffield, 46, after Sheffield threatened to blow up the plane and attempted to open up the cabin’s main door, mid-flight.

Things began to get weird about 90 minutes into the flight when attendants asked Sheffield, who was seated in first class, if he needed anything. He didn’t respond. He then went into a bathroom, came out, and this happened:

Sheffield then went to a lavatory and, while returning, grabbed a 2-liter water bottle from a drink cart and sprayed other passengers.

“Get behind me, Satan,” Sheffield told the flight attendant.

When flight attendants asked Sheffield to return to his seat, he refused, then tried to open the aircraft’s main door while making threats about blowing up the airplane.

That’s when the former manager and seven other passengers sprang into action:

And, in case you’re wondering, Kennedy posted a .531 winning percentage in four seasons managing the Red Sox and Rangers. Although those aren’t the greatest numbers, he boasts a 1.000 winning percentage in subduing crazed airline passengers.

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