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Mnuchin Gaslights on Trump’s False Statements From Coronavirus National Address: ‘I Don’t Think He Got Things Wrong at All’

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin minimized the inaccuracies of President Donald Trump’s coronavirus nation address and the corrections that had to follow shortly after.

As the Trump Administration continues to face criticism for its handling of the pandemic, one of the most recurring topics of discussion has been the White House’s attempts to walk back Trump’s characterizations of how his policies would impact travel and trade. As Mnuchin spoke to ABC’s Jon Karl about the economy’s rebound in the stock market, he was eventually asked “can you tell me what happened there” when Trump spoke from the Oval Office.

“These were all false statements,” Karl noted. “How, in an Oval Office address, do statements about the president’s own proposals end up being wrong?”

Mnuchin insisted “the president was very clear. He wanted to address a very important point, which was, he made the move to shut down travel so that we shut down more cases coming in.” The treasury secretary declined to note, however, that the Department of Homeland Security had to release a statement clarifying that a travel ban from Europe to the U.S. “does not apply to legal permanent residents…immediate family members of US citizens, and other individuals who are identified in the proclamation.”

“He wanted to reassure the American public,” Mnuchin continued. “I don’t think in an Oval Office address you can address every single issue as you’re discussing it.”

“How does he get things wrong about his own proposal?” Karl asked.

“I don’t think he got things wrong at all,” Mnuchin answered.

Karl continued to note that “cargo’s not banned” as Trump suggested it would be, but Mnuchin retorted that “we were very clear that people misinterpreted the comment on cargo and we immediately put out a statement to clarify that.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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