Mom Accused Of Leaving Child Locked In Car Throws Water At TV Reporter With Questions

It’s been quite hot in New York, and a woman in Long Island had some cold water waiting for a visiting local TV reporter–you know, to throw. News 12 reporter Christine Insinga was working a story of a mother accused of leaving her young child locked in a car with the windows closed, and as the drill goes, that includes a visit to the mom’s house and a knock on the door. That’s when the water started flying. Or, if you’re a news producer, the TV gold was made.

Consider this some free media advice: if you want to look guilty of something, put your hands on the lens of the TV camera while shouting “get that camera out of my face,” or swear at the reporter, or, as happened here, throw water on them. No, you don’t get courtesy points if the weather’s hot and the water’s cold.

Watch it here, from News 12:

(h/t TV Spy)

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