Moon Rises As Local News Reporter Covers Egypt: Guy Drops Pants During Live Report

The standard rule of local news is there’s no story that doesn’t run the risk of an idiot doing something stupid on camera. So it was in San Francisco for KTVU-TV reporter Amber Lee, who was covering a local angle on the uprising in Egypt. Lee’d made it almost all the way through her liveshot and was mid-outcue “reporting live in San Francisco” when a guy slides into camera and drops his pants. Full moon rising.

Lee’s photographer attempted to hide the man’s rear end by moving the camera and using Lee as a butt block, but the guy–clearly determined to get maximum exposure for his rear end on San Francisco television–reacted quickly as well, making an effortless pants-down move, sliding to Lee’s other side and back onto the local news airwaves.

What does exposing one’s cheeks have to do with the uprising in Egypt? That remains unclear. What is known is that in the often contentious battle between local news crews and fools determined to get on television, Mr. Moon appears to have emerged victorious. This time.

Watch it here:

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