More Fireworks: Dan Abrams Concedes That Nancy Grace Is A ‘Better Lip Reader’ Than He

HLN’s Nancy Grace joined Mediaite founder and ABC legal analyst Dan Abrams on Good Morning American today to tackle the obscenity-laden phone calls Casey Anthony made to family members while in jail. And, as they are wont to do at this point, things grew heated.

During the segment, GMA played footage of Anthony listening to the prosecution’s claims that she was attempting to blame her parents for her daughter’s death, muttering something inaudible to her lawyers. Grace says that she and her staff determined that Anthony was saying “not his fault,” in reference to her father’s role, before adding “I never blamed my mom.”

“Maybe Nancy is a better lip reader than I am,” said Abrams, “and she very well may be, but I think she could have been saying-” He was then cut off by Grace before continuing:

Nancy, of all the things, I will give you better lip reader than I am. But I will tell you that it seemed to me that she might be saying “It’s his fault.”

And then: Argument time!

Watch the segment, from ABC:

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