More Oscars! James Franco And Anne Hathaway Take On Grease In Moment Cut From Last Night’s Opening

Hey, who wants some more Oscars? Presumably no one who actually sat through the entire show last night. However, in case anyone actually does, we’ve got some! The producers of the show have put a deleted scene from the Billy Crystal-esque opening montage of “Look how many movies we can green screen the hosts into!” opening to this year’s show. This alternate scene features hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway getting their John Travolta and Olivia Newton John on with a rendition of the closing song from Grease.

Imagining the short scene back in the montage where it was originally intended answers a few questions left over from last night’s show. Namely, why did the last scene of the montage as aired seem to take place in a carnival? Why would they include only one movie that wasn’t made in the past year (I can’t be the only one to confusedly ask his friends whether Back to the Future was a retroactive Best Picture nominee)? And, finally, was there anything less relevant the Oscars could do than have Hathaway sing a song from the 1985 musical Les Misérables? Of course! How about a song from the 1978 film version of Grease?!

(h/t The Comic’s Comic)

Check out the wonderfully strange scene below:

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