comScore Morning Joe Baffled by Trump ‘Cozying Up to Putin and Making Lovey-Dovey Eyes’

Morning Joe  Baffled by Trump ‘Cozying Up to Putin and Making Lovey-Dovey Eyes’

After President Donald Trump appeared to get friendly with Vladimir Putin during his trip to Asia — all while Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s election meddling rages on and individuals close to Trump’s campaign are investigated over foreign-ties — Morning Joe  responded consternation.

Trump spent time with Putin at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Vietnam last week, which led him to suggest he believes Putin instead of US intelligence agencies on the issue of Kremlin election interference — though he would later backtrack on that suggestion.

John Heilemann, who was filling in for regular Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough, explained his confusion by Trump’s rekindled friendship with Putin:

“If Donald Trump is under investigation and his administration and people around him, the Russia collusion and whole Mueller investigation, right… In simple terms the president would think it’s probably not in my best self interest to be seen again sidling with Vladimir Putin, cozying up to Vladimir Putin and making lovey dovey eyes in these pictures we’ve been showing here. (He should) maybe just think, I should probably put distance between myself and Vladimir Putin.”

MSNBC’s Julie Pace then chimed-in with confusion of her own on the president’s inability to simply call-out Russia’s election meddling.

“It’s really confounding… It would be so much simpler if the president would just come out and say Russia obviously interfered with our election and we’re going to investigate that and stop them from doing it going forward, and I’ll tell that to Vladimir Putin’s face,” said Pace.

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