Morning Joe Blasts Ted Cruz’s Defense of Alex Jones: ‘He Takes Pandering to New Lows’


Joe Scarborough and his Morning Joe colleagues savaged Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) for defending Alex Jones in the middle of his social media freeze.

For the last few weeks, Cruz has been speaking about Jones’ right to free speech as various online platforms banished the latter for his various policy guideline violations. Considering all of the odious content Jones has pushed over the years (some of which was directed at Cruz), Scarborough found it “repulsive” that the senator would invoke Martin Niemöller’s “First they came” poem to defend the Infowars chief.

“Is he familiar with the content in Infowars? I would think most of the people he sits in church with would be deeply offended,” Scarborough said. “Every day it’s a new shocking attack against some foundation of our culture, of our civilization, and Ted Cruz is going out there comparing that to people that were sent away in the Holocaust?

Elise Jordan chimed in next, and she showed Cruz no mercy:

“You’ve got give it to Ted Cruz, just because he does take pandering to new lows. Whether it’s his own wife. His own father. He was so quick to, you know, cower back, grovel back to Donald Trump. That’s the same thing that he’s doing with Alex Jones and it’s so craven, so transparent, and he cares more about the millions of followers that Alex Jones has, and’s it shows his desperation with his upcoming Senate race and also his complete lack of any moral compass whatsoever.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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