Morning Joe Blasts Trump’s ‘Morally Reprehensible’ Tweet Gloating About Burglary of Cumming’s Home

As the cast and crew of MSNBC’s Morning Joe wrapped up Friday morning’s show, panelists Jonathan Lemire and Elise Jordan offered final thoughts that were harshly critical of President Donald Trump’s tweets that appeared to gloat over the reported burglary of Rep. Elijah Cumming’s Baltimore home last weekend.

Amid the ongoing narrative started by Trump’s harsh rhetorical attack on Rep. Cummings and his alleged “rodent infested” Congressional district, reports surfaced that Cummings’ home had been burglarized. Trump appeared to learn of this, as it was reported at roughly 6:45 on his favorite cable news program, Fox & Friends, and delivered the following sarcastic tweet:

Lemire read the tweet aloud, and noted how the “too bad!” felt to him “like a sarcastic comment about a sort of very sad event.” The AP reporter then added that “t seems as if the president is gloating about something that happened to Cummings’ home, which goes to show you once again there are very few lines that he is not willing to cross when it comes to trying to score points against political enemies and how he wants to make the fate of urban cities, democratic controlled cities, part of his re-election campaign.”

It was then Jordan’s turn to wrap up the show with her thoughts, and she hit Trump’s tweet harder, opening with how she”just can’t deal with it, Joe.” She then asked rhetorically “what kind of human being rejoices over someone’s home getting robbed?” The answer, of course, is the kind of person that gets elected to the White House.

Jordan finished with “It is absolutely disgusting that this man is the president of the united states and the Republicans are standing behind this kind of morally’s an ongoing, minute by minute occurrence.”

Watch above via MSNBC.

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