Morning Joe Breaks Down 2020 Election Fallout: ‘A Gut-Check Moment’ For Democrats; Trump is ‘Not a Fluke’


As Morning Joe analyzed the ongoing fallout of the 2020 election, the panel noted that whether Democrats win or lose the presidency in the end, the party faces a reckoning for what the race says about the state of the country.

Mike Barnicle assessed that the race ended up being a lot more competitive than many people expected, and “clearly, no matter who wins this, no matter what the final result is, we are now living in a nation seeking an identity.” He also made this point while saying “clearly” many Americans despise the media and others who would tell them how they ought to live their lives.

Claire McCaskill was asked to give her take on the states that haven’t been called, but even though she remained convinced of a Joe Biden victory, she agreed with Barnicle that “if the Democrats walk away from this election with the presidency, this is a gut-check moment.”

This is a moment to think about how we communicate with America, what we are saying to America…We can’t go back to assuming just because we think Donald Trump is an outlier in terms of what this country represents and who he is and how he behaves, that he is not connecting with a lot of American people in ways that, frankly, for a lot of us is hard to understand. But we need to get at it because we have to bring this nation together.

“No question about it,” Willie Geist agreed. “He is not a fluke. We can officially say that now. Donald Trump is not a fluke. He is not an outlier. He’s not an aberration.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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