Morning Joe Brutally Mocks White House Doctor After Trump Exam: ‘Words of a Political Hack’

Morning Joe’s panel on Thursday took turns to mock White House physician Dr. Ronny Jackson and call into the question the extensive briefing he delivered to reporters in which he extolled President Donald Trump’s “excellent” physical and mental health.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough first referenced Dana Milbank’s Washington Post column calling into question the briefing, and claimed that although Dr. Jackson was also President Obama’s physician, when delivering Trump’s vitals “he sounded like a sycophant he didn’t sound like a doctor.

Scarborough went on to mockingly read out some of Jackson’s more effusive appraisals of the 71-year-old president’s health.

“I’m sure this guy is a great guy, great physician, blah blah blah, he shouldn’t have sounded so Trumpian,” Scarborough said. “And second, he works in a White House where just about everybody who makes public statements lies.”

The Morning Joe co-host also called into question Jackson’s mental assessment of Trump: “Suddenly we have a cognitive exam, and he can tell what lions and rhinos and giraffes and little monkeys are? Great, that’s fine.”

“If that guy weighs 239 pounds,” Scarborough concluded, going full Girther, “then there are a lot of NFL players that are doing the wrong thing.”

“It does seem that everyone who steps in the White House catches the disease of over the top rhetoric,” MSNBC’s Willie Geist said, before pointing out that Jackson is “a real doctor,” unlike Trump’s previous physician Harold Bornstein (“that crazy guy from the Upper East Side,” as Geist called him.)

Scarborough then argued that Jackson’s satisfaction with Trump only getting four hours of sleep a night also raised questions.

“Not a single respectable doctor in America would say what he said,” Scarborough stated. “So are we questioning his integrity? No we’re not.”

“Maybe he just likes eating at the White House mess hall,” the Morning Joe host speculated. “His own words are not the words of a physician, they’re the words of a political hack.”

Scarborough wrapped up the segment by listing off the “obviously obese” Trump’s health stats, concluding that to “whitewash all that and say that he’s in great shape” is “just shameful.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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