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Morning Joe Chides ‘High-Maintenance’ Press Corps For Complaining About Access To Obama

Morning Joe Rips 'Spoiled' Press Corps For Complaining About Obama Access

While the White House press corps expressed frustration about having no access to President Obama‘s golfing vacation, Wednesday’s Morning Joe panel wasn’t particularly sympathetic. It’s not a big deal, they generally agreed. Time to move on.

“Just stop it,” Mike Barnicle urged. “It makes us out to be spoiled, pampered, you know, people. Just stop it. You know? He played golf for two days, they knew where he was, they were outside the gates. Stop it.”

They have a right, he added, but do they have a need?

“There’s a different code on the golf course,” Leigh Gallagher chimed in. “Everybody knows that.”

Dan Senor agreed with the seeming consensus, noting that “nobody cares” — and that each White House has this spat over a “high-maintenance press” complaining about access. And then it goes away.

With that, Willie Geist turned toward the larger question the press corps addressed about access and transparency not just with the vacation but over the last four years. The White House press corps is “especially sensitive,” Jonathan Capeheart said — but the president wasn’t hiding anything, so it wasn’t a big deal.

The bigger outrage, Senor added, was Steve Kroft‘s 60 Minutes interview with Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. When they do get access, it’s “softball city.” When they don’t, suddenly the administration is opaque.

In essence: It’s much ado about nothing.

Video below, via MSNBC:

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