Morning Joe Crew Flummoxed By Herman Cain’s ‘Leader Not A Reader’ Comment

Mika Brzezinski and Gene Robinson shared a gaze of stunned horror Friday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe after hearing Herman Cain‘s provocative comments in New Hampshire yesterday saying “Who knows every detail of every country or every situation on the planet? Nobody! We need a leader, not a reader.” “Forget the facts, forget history, just lead! No reading,” exclaimed panelist Donny Deutsch.

“You don’t need to know about every country, but maybe about Libya,” snarked Mark Halperin. “I don’t know if we’re nitpicking about that, are we, Gene?”

“If you’re on the Cain train, you don’t care whether the president knows the names of these countries,” riffed Washington Post columnist Gene Robinson, also noting the similarity of Cain’s quote and a line from The Simpsons.

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“I think what’s amazing is that he literally says out loud proudly, ‘I’m a leader, not a reader’, it’s just stunning, it’s stunning,” added Deutsch.

“I think Johnny Cochran wrote that one from the grave,” joked co-host Willie Geist.

Watch the MSNBC commentators try to make sense out of Cain’s speech bashing reading below:

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