Morning Joe Crew Weighs In On Romney’s ‘Humorous’ Factory Story: ‘At Some Point, They’re Not Gaffes’

On Thursday, the team at Morning Joe took some time offer their two cents on Mitt Romney‘s recent “humorous story” about his father having closed a factory in Michigan. It wasn’t the first time the former governor said something that could potentially alienate voters — or, at least, rub them the wrong way. Could it be more than just a “gaffe”?

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“Ok, so I’m going to make a suggestion,” said host Mika Brzezinski. “I’m not an analyst, I’m not an expert, I really have no place here, you know, making suggestions, but how ’bout a listening tour? Like Hillary Clinton had. Just go around the country and listen. Don’t talk.”

The problem, added Joe Scarborough, is that “at some point, they’re not gaffes. At some point, it’s very revealing that this man who’s talking has a real blind spot.”

The Financial TimesGillian Tett has another issue with Romney’s story: “Any time someone stands up and tells you, ‘I am going to tell you something humo[u]rous,’ everyone stops laughing. […] When was the last time you laughed at a joke that someone told you was going to be humorous?”

Have a look, via MSNBC:

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