Morning Joe Derails After Sam Stein Blames Technician For Tardiness: ‘Get Out of Here!’


An early morning segment on Morning Joe derailed on Friday after Daily Beast politics editor Sam Stein blamed his late arrival to the show on an MSNBC technician.

“It was not my fault,” Stein declared, after getting a chiding from Willie Geist for his tardiness. “It was the technician’s fault. I’m going to throw them under the bus.”

That vicious comment drew instant condemnation from the rest of the Morning Joe panel, and a five minute pile-on ensued that only let up after Joe Scarborough promised to buy the technician a Starbucks gift card.

The pile-on started with deafening “boos,” and cries of “get out of here!” as Stein protested that he is “willing to die on this hill.”

“I am merely taking Donny [Deutsche’s] anatomical advice, I’m growing a pair, I’m blaming the technician,” Stein said.

“Oh no! This is horrible!” Scarborough exclaimed.

Mika Brzezinski instructed Stein to buy the targeted technician a Starbucks gift card and beg for forgiveness, but alas, the Daily Beast editor did not hear her instructions as his earpiece had stopped working again.

“Whatever unnamed technician that ‘millennial’ Sam is blaming, I think we should all pitch in and get a $50 Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts or iTunes gift card,” Scarborough proposed.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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