Morning Joe Hosts Break Down Over Idea Of ‘Unzipping’ Mitt Romney

On Tuesday, the Morning Joe crew tried to rein in their laughter over Ann Romney‘s recent comments regarding “unzipping” her husband, Mitt Romney, to reveal that he’s “not stiff.” Not even host Mika Brzezinski could get everyone to settle down and simply “let some things speak for themselves.”

After playing a clip of Mrs. Romney’s comment, the panel snickered, with host Joe Scarborough later trying to change the subject to George Romney‘s mention on Mad Men, which he felt had been a “cheap shot.”

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When Brzezinski tried to get things back on course — only to have Scarborough continue talking — the two eventually burst into laughter. Peals and peals of Starbucks-brewed laughter.

Unleash the beast, via MSNBC:

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