comScore Morning Joe Hosts Stress Over Covering Endless Trump Outbursts: ‘It’s My Job to Read His Stupid Tweets’

Morning Joe Hosts Stress Over Covering Endless Trump Outbursts: ‘It’s My Job to Read His Stupid Tweets’

Morning Joe‘s Joe Scarborough and Mike Barnicle had a frank discussion about the media’s role in propagating the idiocy that is President Donald Trump‘s tweets.

“I know everybody goes, oh, we have to understand the Trump voter. Who is the Trump voter. We can’t be disrespectful of the Trump voter,” Scarborough began. “I know a lot of people who are Trump voters, got a lot of friends who are Trump voters, got family members who are Trump voters. But even they cannot believe the bald-faced lies, the obvious lies, the third grade level lies, the stupidity that come through in these tweets where the president has gone back this weekend and now said that Putin didn’t try to interfere in the 2016 election.”

At this, he pulled up the following tweet in which the president called Russian meddling a hoax:

“So Donald Trump, again, talking about how what our four Intel agencies have all told him, all of his appointees have told him that Russia did try to interfere in the election. But here he is once again he is playing stooge, playing dupe for Vladimir Putin and the former soviet spy,” Scarborough said.

“He had a tough week, it was a week of double negatives and retractions and apologies, not apologies, but then coming back with other explanations,” Barnicle agreed. “Carter Page, a very unstable person involved, the FBI involved, the misleading tweet about what the FBI was doing, surveilling Carter Page all of that capped off last night by what you just mentioned initially, Joe, at the top of the show, 11:30 P.M. last night, all caps, you know, you better watch out, Iran, or something will happen to you that’s never happened before in the history of the world, whatever he said.”

“Unfortunately I think it kind of works for him with his constituents,” he added. “It’s a great deflection, but I think it works out there.”

“I don’t know, but Mike, I mean you can only hand the rose to the wrong woman so many times in Bachelor while you’re lying to the other one, after a while people, like ABC can’t do that at the end of the season again,” Scarborough countered. “Donald Trump does view this as a reality show, but I’m telling you, it’s my job to read his stupid tweets, even when they’re lies.

“And I’ve gotten to the point where I go, why bother, I’ll just read what the news says about the stupid tweets because I’m not going to waste my time,” he continued. “That’s not out of anger. That’s just out of, I’ve seen it a thousands times before and I’m just saying if I’m feeling that way, even Trump supporters have got to start feeling that way. Yeah, he’s going to lie. He’s going to go in all caps. It’s all nonsense. He is just speaking to himself.”

“But you have to define what you just said,” Barnicle shot back. “What does ‘after a while’ mean? I mean, we’re 18, 19 months into his presidency and we continue to read these tweets on TV, giving them enormous exposure, enormous air time. How long is ‘after a while’? I don’t know.”

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