Morning Joe: If Special Counsel So Unconstitutional Why Did Trump Repeatedly Demand One For Hillary?

On Monday morning, President Trump tweeted that the appointment of a Special Counsel “is totally UNCONSTITUTIONAL!“. On Morning Joe on Tuesday, the hosts wanted to know why, if that is so, he’s previously demanded one over and over.

A few clips of Trump on the campaign trail showed examples of him calling for a special counsel to investigate Hillary, to thunderous applause. It was a key talking point on the trail and there are many, many more examples.

Host Joe Scarborough said it was an applause line that got “every bit as loud of an applause there as ‘Build that wall.'”

Joe also argued that the tweets were “sound and fury, signifying nothing.” MSNBC’s John Heilemann responded that this was Trump preparing his audience.

It is sound and fury, but it is resonating with a lost people, I think because Donald Trump is laying the groundwork, laying out the predicate for when the Mueller investigation is in complete. When he presents his findings, Donald Trump will be able to point to a certain segment of the population and say — forget about everything you’re reading. Remember everything I told you that it was unconstitutional? Remember when I told you I had the right to do this and that, I’m above the law? That’s what he’s doing.

Legal Analyst Jeremy Bash called the arguments “silly”, “frivolous”, and “not very smart.”

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