Morning Joe Impressed By Rand Paul’s ‘Spontaneity,’ Filibuster Espousing View That ‘Wasn’t Popular’

Sen. Rand Paul‘s old-fashioned, speak-for-as-long-as-you-can filibuster of John Brennan‘s confirmation to become CIA director garnered widespread attention on Wednesday. Not too long after it ended (just before 1 a.m.), the Morning Joe crew weighed in on the nearly 13-hour stand, which focused President Obama‘s drone program and civil liberties. And they were impressed.

“Last night, spontaneity broke out, and you could see someone on the floor who wasn’t doing something that was poll-tested and market-driven,” Joe Scarborough asserted. “Whether you’re a liberal or conservative watching Rand Paul, I think you had to kind of admire the guy for really going out there and fighting for what he believed in.”

Steve Rattner agreed. “He had a point of view,” he said, “And it wasn’t popular.” But Paul still had the conviction to go out and voice his concerns. With that, Scarborough and Willie Geist pointed to the fact that Paul found himself with some bipartisan support; the encouragement wasn’t only from fellow Republicans.

“If you wanted to shine a light on this issue, what better way to do it?” Geist asked. “He shined a light perhaps just for a day but a lot more people today know about it than they did yesterday, about the question of whether or not the United States can use drones against its own citizens.”

That question is a valid one, the panel agreed, and one that merits discussion. Also paying a nod to Sen. Ted Cruz‘s confrontation with Attorney General Eric Holder yesterday, Scarborough then turned to Kelly O’Donnell to return to the topic of Paul specifically.

O’Donnell noted that while Paul did get some breaks when other senators joined to speak and ask questions, it was still a taxing ordeal for him. “People respected the effort in that,” she said, adding that the topic was “A very narrow issue.”

It’s “an interesting constitutional argument,” she added. And it certainly got a lot of attention yesterday.

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