Morning Joe Lauds ‘Brilliant Move’ of Bernie Going on Fox News: Chance to Speak to People ‘Screwed’ By Trump

Morning Joe addressed the coming town hall that Fox News will be hosting with progressive presidential candidate Bernie Sanders Monday morning and took the somewhat surprising turn in praising the Vermont senator for going on a competitor’s network.

There has been a debate over whether Democratic candidates should go on Fox News programs, particularly the right-of-center opinion programs who often paint Democratic candidates — and the issues that they seem to care most about — in the worst possible light. The DNC notably announced earlier this year that Fox News would not be allowed to host any DNC primary debates, which caused a brief shiver of controversy in the political media world that quickly abated.

So Sanders’ appearance Monday evening for an unedited and live town hall on Fox News is sort of a bold and brazen move, one that was embraced Monday Morning on Morning Joe. 

“I think it’s a brilliant move,” said host Joe Scarborough. “I don’t care what the national Democratic Party says. I think it’s a brilliant move going over to Fox News.” The Morning Joe host added,  “Bernie is doing something other Democrats are not doing. He’s going after Trump voters.”

Mike Barnicle agreed, saying: “The idea of Bernie Sanders going on Fox TV is a great idea for Sanders the campaign and the Democratic Party. And more Democrats ought to appear on Fox News because you’re talking to the kinds of people, many of them, not all of them, many of them are Democratic voters who have been screwed out of their paychecks, their pensions and everything by the activities of multiple, multiple administrations, but specifically now this administration in Washington, D.C.”

Watch above via MSNBC.

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