‘Morning Psycho (Joe)’ Mocks Trump’s Twitter Slams: ‘He Just Can’t Quit Us’


Morning Joe was amused more than anything else when they offered their first response to President Donald Trump‘s online slams against them.

On Tuesday morning, Trump went on a full throttle tear against his media enemies which included these jabs at Morning Joe.

When Joe Scarborough took notice of those tweets on air, he jokingly addressed the president as a live viewer as he marveled that Trump said that his show “helped get me elected in 2016 by having me on (free) all the time.”

“Why thank you,” Scarborough said sarcastically. “I remember you telling Jeff Zucker that you didn’t need CNN, the entire network of CNN, to get elected, but you are saying our show is so powerful that we got you elected. Wow, that’s great!”

As the panel continued to crack jokes and remark that Trump “watches [us] every day,” Scarborough asked the show producers to make him a customized lower third: “Morning Psycho Responds to Faithful Viewer.” As the show transitioned into the next hour, they kept the mockery going by saying their ratings have hardly nosedived as Trump claims.

“He just can’t quit us,” Scarborough snarked.

“It’s viewers like you, Mr. President, who make it all possible,” Willie Geist said. “We have great team that comes in and works all night, works around the clock to get the show ready.”

The cracks concluded with Scarborough remarking that “Morning Psycho” is trending on Twitter, to which, he asked “can you get me my t-shirt already?”

As of this writing, Morning Joe has responded to Trump’s Twitter barbs while Fox & Friends and CNN’s New Day have yet to say anything.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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