Morning Joe Mocks Hannity’s Outrage Over Pelosi Prison Talk for Trump: ‘Complete Lack of Shame’

Morning Joe ridiculed Sean Hannity’s apparent lack of self-awareness Friday morning, as they reacted to the Fox News host’s curious slam of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s reported comment that she wanted to see President Donald Trump in prison.

On Thursday night, the Fox News host blasted Nancy Pelosi for the house speaker’s reported, private remarks about how she’d like to see Trump behind bars. Hannity called this “beyond despicable behavior” typical of “banana republics,” all while conveniently glossing over how often he rails against Hillary Clinton‘s alleged crimes and boosts the guy who soared to the presidency after promising to throw her in jail.

As MSNBC’s morning show panel reacted to this, they started by remarking on how often Trump rallies veer into chants of “lock her up.”

“The irony meter is like one of those at Chernobyl, it was going off of the charts,” Willie Geist said. “You almost have to stand in awe at the complete lack of shame.”

Donny Deutsch agreed, saying Hannity’s schtick is ostensible “performance art,” and “you can’t let your hair go on fire because it is so absurd and ridiculous that I think Fox News in so many ways – bar a few of the anchors there – it’s theater. It’s not even news anymore.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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