Morning Joe Mocks Mike Pence Lying about Migrant ‘Caravan’ and ‘Making a Fool of Himself’

A time-honored method for passive-aggressive mockery in the South is to express false empathy toward a target of ridicule. In the Internet age, it’s called concern trolling, and it was on full display on Morning Joe as co-host Joe Scarborough and guest Jon Meacham piled on Vice President Mike Pence’s commentss on the migrant caravan currently in the news.

Pence was asked recently about President Donald Trump’s unverified claim that there were Middle Easterners hiding in the caravan, claiming it “inconceivable” that among 7,000 migrants, none are from the Middle East.

In the eyes of the Morning Joe host, this is “black and white proof that Donald Trump makes the biggest fools of the people closest to them.”

“Poor Mike Pence!” he repeated, followed by another time-honored and passive-aggressive Southern phrase “bless his heart!”

There is currently zero proof that there are any people of Middle Eastern descent in the caravan of migrants currently ensconced on Mexico-Guatemala border roughly 1,000 miles from the US Southern border, according to President Trump himself

Pence’s eagerness to support even the most outlandish and false claims made by the president he so loyally serves certainly put him in a tough situation. Or as Scarborough notes, it makes him look like a fool.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of MSNBC.


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