Morning Joe Mocks Stephanie Grisham, Jeanine Pirro For Lauding Trump’s ‘Superhuman’ Health: ‘He’s Pushing 300’ Pounds


Morning Joe was quite skeptical as they reacted to President Donald Trump’s unplanned visit to Walter Reed Army Medical Center over the weekend.

Trump says he decided to get an early start on his yearly physical during his visit, but as rumors started to spread, White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham appeared for an interview with Fox News host Jeanine Pirro and the pair gushed over Trump’s “superhuman” health. As Morning Joe reacted to this, Joe Scarborough laughed uncontrollably while Mika Brzezinski wore an expression of complete shock.

“Was it Steve Mnuchin who praised his perfect genes?” Scarborough asked sarcastically. “Was it Steve Mnuchin who said had he superhuman genes? And Dr. Ronny [Jackson] said would live to be 200 if he ate a little bit better?”

As the panel recalled how Jackson lost his position as physician to the president amid allegations of misconduct, Scarborough remarked that Trump is “pushing 300 [pounds], there’s no doubt about it.” While Brzezinski noted there’s not “anything wrong with that,” Scarborough agreed, but added “we have a right to know our president’s health, and he’s done nothing but lie to us about it for several years.”

The conversation went on with the table remarking about Trump’s lack of public events and accessibility to the press following his Walter Reed trip.

Watch above, via NBC.

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