comScore Morning Joe Mock's Trump's 'Victimhood' With Montage of 'Pity Party' Complaints

Morning Joe Mocks Trump Rally ‘Victimhood’ With Montage of ‘Pity Party’ Complaints

MSNBC’s Morning Joe highlighted what they see as President Donald Trump’s “real culture of victimhood” and outsider resentment that has fueled his rise to the White House Wednesday morning, following an Orlando campaign announcement rally that was derided by the show as a “pity party” of complaints.

Co-host Joe Scarborough opened the segment by noting that “Republicans used to mock” the claiming of victimhood that he sees in Trump’s rhetoric, noting that the President is “even claiming that it would be over 50% but for Robert Mueller when in fact, he was at 38% before Robert Mueller began his investigation.”

The conversation that followed focused on Trump’s not at all unreasonable position that the “they are all against us” was proven right in his historic 2016 election in which nearly every political “expert” and pollster predicted a loss to then-candidate Hillary Clinton. And that sense of resentment towards the political establishment very much connects with a base of supporters who hold said political and media experts in D.C. and NY in very low regard.

The segment resolved with co-host Mika Brzezinski reintroducing what she called “this whole victimhood thing” before introducing a montage of Donald and sons Don Jr and Eric, all lamenting how unfair the president had been treated, or as she put it, “sort of a pity party.”

Watch above via MSNBC.

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