Morning Joe Mocks Trump’s Education: ‘Too Stupid’ to Meet With Mueller


Morning Joe opened on Friday with some routine bashing in of President Donald Trump‘s ego, suggesting he’s “terrified” of Robert Mueller because of the special counsel’s prestigious education.

“Trump’s lawyers think he’s just absolutely terrified and they think he’s too stupid to sit in front of Robert Mueller because Mueller went to St. Paul’s and Mueller went to Princeton,” Joe Scarborough opened. “The lawyers think that Donald Trump’s too dumb. They don’t think his education is on the level of Robert Mueller’s, but really does the St. Paul’s man and a Princeton man really need to even talk to the president when he admitted [obstruction of justice] to Lester Holt?”

“Well, everything is kind of out there,” Mika Brzezinski agreed.

“I guess if he had a better education he would realize that by not talking to Robert Mueller, he is actually strengthening Robert Mueller’s hand,” Scarborough continued. “Robert Mueller can write the report without the messiness of Donald Trump’s testimony.”

Scarborough went on to say that the president would probably take it as a personal insult that his lawyers don’t think he’s intelligent enough to speak with the special counsel.

“They think I’m a moron and I can’t sit down just right across the table and talk to this guy? That’s what he does,” Scarborough said. “He talks, he makes deals. That’s what he’s — that’s who he is.”

Willie Geist agreed that the president would probably be insulted by the insinuation and added that the equivalent of the “Watergate tapes” in this case was when Trump essentially admitted to firing FBI Director James Comey due to the Russia investigation.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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