Morning Joe On Romney’s Link To Dr. John Willke: ‘Cost Of Capitulating To Every Segment Of The Far Right’

On Wednesday’s Morning Joe the panel turned its attention to Dr. John Willke — the doctor credited with espousing the incorrect information regarding women’s bodies and rape that senatorial candidate Todd Akin is currently facing backlash for repeating. Dr. Willke, host Mika Brzezinski shared, also happened to be president of the Right to Life Committee as well as a surrogate for Mitt Romney during his 2008 bid for the Republican nomination. Is this, the panel wondered, the result of capitulating too far to the right?

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Columnist Ezra Klein admitted to feeling bad when this sort of thing happens to candidate, because thy “certainly were not trying to endorse his views,” but this is the fallout from “getting into bed with everybody,” even those on the fringe or the extreme. “This is the cost of capitulating to every segment of the far right,” he said.

Ed Rendell added that Romney, in catering to the far right, has failed to take on opportunities to espouse a sensible policy towards women, including during the Limbaugh/Fluke media and political firestorm. He also wondered whether the Romney campaign had vetted Ryan thoroughly enough, particularly when it came to matters like abortion and stimulus money.

Watch, courtesy of MSNBC:

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