Morning Joe on Saudis Booking Trump Hotel: Trump Uses White House as Money Making Operation

Morning Joe criticized Donald Trump on Thursday by saying the latest news about his relationship with Saudi Arabia is proof of his conflicts of interest.

A new report from Washington Post says lobbyists funded by the Saudi government spent over $270,000 on Trump’s D.C. hotel shortly about a month after he won the 2016 presidency. John Heillemann and Joe Scarborough said the news exemplifies how Trump supposedly didn’t expect to win the presidency, and the whole thing was set up to be a brand enhancement and money making operation.

“This was a great opportunity to increase not just his profile, but his international profile and to use this as an opportunity after he presumably lost,” said Heillemann. “You would’ve thought once he won the presidency, he would have abandon those things…But, no. He went into the White House thinking, ‘well, I got into this for the money, I’m not going to abandon that primary objective.'”

“He’s about money and business,” Willie Geist said in a agreement. “It’s all he’s ever been about his entire life and continues to be that way.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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