Morning Joe Openly Laughs at Trump’s Confusing ‘Western-Style Liberalism’ With California Politics

During a press conference during his diplomatic G20 visit, President Donald Trump appeared to confuse a question about “Western liberalism” with California politics.

Morning Joe aired the clip of the question asked by New York Times’ Peter Baker, after which the panel assembled could not contain their mocking laughter.  Baker asked Trump if he agreed that “western-style liberalism — as it’s been defined — is now obsolete and no longer relevant to today’s world?”

Trump replied by noting specific situations in Los Angeles and San Francisco, saying “if you look at what’s happening in Los Angeles where it’s so sad to look and what’s happening in San Francisco and a couple of other cities, which are run by an extraordinary group of liberal people. I don’t know what they’re thinking but he does see that are happening in the United States that would probably preclude him from saying how wonderful it is.”

After airing the clip, host Willie Geist threw to Jon Meacham, who could not contain what appeared to be a mocking smile, while laughter from panelists rang out on set.

What followed was the sort of Trump criticism that regular viewers of Morning Joe apparently not get enough of, despite the complete predictability with which it comes.

Watch above via MSNBC.

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