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Morning Joe Opens With Damning Montage of Trump’s ‘Whiplash’ Inducing Messaging on Coronavirus

Morning Joe opened Thursday morning juxtaposing a number of previous statements made by President Donald Trump with the remarkably different messaging made in Wednesday night’s national address made from the Oval Office.

In short, the montage did not paint the commander in chief in the most flattering light.

Coming out of the segment, co-host Mika Brzezinski said “And the whiplash doesn’t stop there. Minutes after the president said last night that cargo would be restricted from Europe, causing the markets to quiver, the White House said, actually, no, no, no, cargo will not actually be restricted.”

Is the factual presentation of inconsistent rhetoric that makes elected officials look confused and incompetent in and of itself a political play? Asked another way, is criticism of policy failures always political?

These are the questions of the age we live in, and come up at a time amidst a confusing time in which the world struggles with proper reaction to the global coronavirus pandemic and the White House very political strategy of criticizing policy critics of irresponsibly politicizing the Trump administration’s so far less than impressive response. With me so far?

After the montage, a lustful discussion followed opened by Joe Scarborough noting how the initial response from the White House rattled the international markets. The “one bit of good news” for the Morning Joe co-host was that the president called it a “pandemic.”

Willie Geist noted that Trump is “taking it seriously now,” which in his eyes  “allows his administration officials to go out and act aggressively without being worried, without worrying about being undercut by the president, like Azar was undercut and Fauci and others were undercut before.”

Watch above via MSNBC.

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