Morning Joe Panel Perplexed By ‘Smoking’ Herman Cain Ad: ‘That Wasn’t Serious! That Was SNL.’

On Tuesday’s edition of Morning Joe, the show’s panelists were amusingly bewildered by Herman Cain’s quirky new political ad featuring his chief-of-staff Mark Block blowing smoke at the camera. It was enough to make host Joe Scarborough burst into laughter. “What was that?!” he guffawed incredulously. New York Magazine‘s John Heilemann passed around his Parliaments to the commentators, exclaiming, “Smoke ’em if ya got ’em, boys!” Willie Geist summed up Cain’s message as “If you’re for Herman Cain, light one up.”

“That wasn’t serious! That was Saturday Night Live!” blurted Mika Brzezinski, taking away Heilemann’s cigarettes.

“What votes are you going for here?” an astonished Scarborough pondered.

“I don’t know what the stats are,” Heilemann surmised. “There must be still millions of smokers in America, right? How often do we get to see the campaign manager/CEO as the validator? Not an average American, not a prominent endorser. Someone that no one really– I would say most people in the political establishment –have ever heard of let alone any actual voters blowing smoke into the camera!”

“Followed by Herman Cain’s grin of approval,” added Geist.

“That grin takes like 20 seconds to come on!” exclaimed Heilemann

Watch the Morning Joe crew crack up over Cain’s new ad, via MSNBC:

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