Morning Joe Praises Fox News’ Shep Smith for Telling the Truth on Caravan Fear-Mongering


There is a pretty hard and fast editorial rule at Mediaite that whenever a personality from one cable news outlet derides or insults a rival outlet or personality on a rival outlet, well that’s a post. The cable news wars are a time-honored topic in media coverage, and in these days of siloed media consumption and tribalized viewers, those posts typically have a big impact.

But the far more elusive post is when a cable news host actually praises an individual on a rival network. And that’s what this post focuses on, as the headline reveals. Morning Joe singing the praises of Fox News’ Shep Smith for his telling the truth about caravan fear-mongering featured on Fox News opinion programming.

After comparing what he sees as a coordinated disinformation campaign from the White House and Fox News to the movie Idiocracy Joe Scarborough praised Fox News outlier Smith and said “hotty totty” which is a cheer of goodwill at Ole Miss university from where Smith hails.

Fellow MSNBC colleague Stephanie Ruhle got in Shep Smith praise act on twitter:

While Mediaite enjoys highlighting cross-rival cable news praise, the vast majority of these sorts of posts likely feature Mr. Smith. Which is great for our posts, but one wonders how Shep deals with his colleagues at the Fox News cafeteria.

Watch the clip above courtesy of MSNBC.

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