Morning Joe Regular on Black Pro-Trump Pastor: ‘That Guy’s Nuts!’


1thumbPro-Trump Pastor Mark Burns made a lot of news over the weekend with a series of tweets and deletions and apologies, and on Tuesday morning, earned himself a derisive assessment from Pulitzer Prize-winner and Morning Joe regular Eugene Robinson, who laughingly called Pastor Burns “nuts” and said that he is “out of his mind.”

The Morning Joe crew was discussing Pastor Burns’ Hillary Clinton blackface tweet, subsequent apology-but-not-to-Hillary-Clinton, deletion, then second blackface tweet, deletion, and apology when Robinson made his assessment:

Eugene Robinson: That guy is nuts, okay? Mark Burns.

Joe Scarborough: Now you’re being a bigot. You don’t like him because he’s black.

Eugene Robinson: You got me there, Joe. You got me there.

Joe Scarborough: It’s like a Klan rally here. Why don’t you like him?

Eugene Robinson: Because he’s out of his mind.

Joe Scarborough: What are you talking about?

Mika Brzezinski: Don’t you feel sorry for him?

Joe Scarborough: What do you mean he’s out of his mind? Just because he supports Trump?

Eugene Robinson: It’s not just that he supports Trump. Basically everything he said. Am I wrong here?

Mika Brzezinski: I just asked him a basic yes, no question and you all went after him aggressively and I was accused — the whole thing is kind of pathetic. It’s not worth any more oxygen.

For context, Pastor Burns was a guest on Morning Joe last week, where co-host Mika Brzezinski pressed Burns for an answer by repeatedly interrupting him, a performance which earned a demand for an apology from Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. What followed in that segment was not aggressive questioning by the MJ panel, but a discussion of education policy between Pastor Burns and Reverend Al Sharpton.

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