Morning Joe Ridicules Fox News Ending Caravan Coverage: ‘But Smallpox Is Coming to America!?’

Morning Joe viciously mocked Fox News’ sudden dearth of caravan coverage immediately after the midterm election occurred on Tuesday. On the day that followed the election, the story of Central American migrants approaching the US border got barely any mention on Fox News, which stands in stark contrast to how it was covered in the weeks before.

In the month running up to Tuesday’s midterm election, conservative media outlets delivered extensive coverage of a “caravan” of migrants making their way to the southern U.S. border. Thousands of Central Americans were presented by right-of-center pundits and reporters as “invaders” despite the fact they were nearly 1,000 miles away and traveling by foot.

Cynical media observers saw this as shameless and, at times racist, fear-mongering designed to support President Donald Trump’s political agenda of militarizing the Southern border perhaps as a make-good for his thus far unrealized “build that wall” promise from 2018.

Fox News led the caravan coverage, sending reporters in the field to show the migrants during regular hits. Fox News Martha MacCallum even interviewed DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen at the border in an optics-designed interview complete with aviator glasses.  MacCallum got a special mention in the segment embedded above, as did the fear-mongering of smallpox.

To sum up, Fox News stopped covering the caravan as soon as the midterms ended because “they appear to have lost interest.”

Watch the clip above, courtesy of MSNBC.

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