Morning Joe Ridicules Sen. Ron Johnson For Continued Secret Society Comments: ‘He’s a Hot Mess’

Morning Joe took some time to mock Sen. Ron Johnson on Tuesday, who continues to field questions about his continued crusade against what he perceives as conspirational bias at the top levels of the FBI.

The Wisconsin Republican suggested in an interview on Fox News earlier this month that the texts between FBI agents and paramours Lisa Page and Peter Strzok contained evidence the two were part of some sort of anti-Trump “secret society.”

Later, Johnson — who is chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee — admitted that the “secret society” texts between the two agents could have been a joke.

And in response to Johnson’s latest comments on the “secret society,” Morning Joe turned up the mockery to 11.

“Harry Potter! It’s a Harry Potter secret society!” Joe Scarborough exclaimed. “That Ron, and Harmoine and Harry would go meet offsite.”

“What is that?” Scarborough asked. “No seriously what is that?”

“He’s a mess,” Mika Brzezisnki declared, as Scarborough added, “He’s a hot mess.”

Scarborough continued that he was shocked the chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee was “going around with Deep State conspiracy theories.”

“He’s attacking the FBI,” Scarborough said. “The guy that’s supposed to coordinate with the FBI and the CIA and intel agencies to try to figure out when the next attacks are coming, that guy is going around talking about secret societies.”

“He is kookoonamuno,” Brzezinski said.

“I don’t know what that means,” Scarborough replied.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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