Morning Joe Ridicules Tom Cotton’s ‘Pathetic’ Defense of Greenland Purchase: ‘Sucking Up’ to Trump in ‘Ridiculous Way’

There’s trying to get in President Donald Trump good graces, and then there’s shilling for a ridiculous proposal in order to potentially score some points. Joe Scarborough and John Heilemann think that one Senator is guilty of the latter.

Speaking on Morning Joe Tuesday, the duo slammed Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) for penning a New York Times Op-Ed defending the president’s desire to buy Greenland.

“[J]ust so sad to watch a United States senator sucking up to the president in such a ridiculous way, when it’s been clear that Greenland is not for sale,” Heilemann said. “All arguments about its merits or demerits are totally irrelevant.”

“It’s pathetic,” Scarborough said.

The Morning Joe went on to call out Cotton for ignoring more pressing issues in favor of a Greenland proposal which appears to be a non-starter.

“The world is on fire,” Scarborough said. “You can look at what’s happening with Russia, what’s happening what China, what’s happening to our closest allies, and your answer is to go back to last week and say, ‘well, it’s certainly good idea to purchase Greenland,'” Scarborough said. “And other Trump apologists doing the same. How do they ignore the fire in front of them?”

“I believe the word you’re looking for is not just apologist, Joe,” Heilemann said. “The words are sycophant and toady.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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