comScore Morning Joe Rips Trump and Ivanka For ‘Implicit Quid Pro Quo’ With China: ‘Utterly Outrageous’

Morning Joe Rips Trump and Ivanka For ‘Implicit Quid Pro Quo’ With China: ‘Utterly Outrageous’

Joe Scarborough declared it “the swampiest swamp of all.”

The Morning Joe host is referring to a New York Times report from the weekend connecting the dots between President Donald Trump‘s attempts to rescue Chinese telecom giant ZTE from bankruptcy, and new trademarks awarded to daughter Ivanka Trump‘s businesses by China.

It’s “an exchange for family members getting sweetheart business deals,” Scarborough said.

Later, the Morning Joe panel addressed the apparent conflict of interest in depth:

John Heilemann joked that China “was the centerpiece of [Trump’s] campaign — Make China Great Again.”

Heilemann noted that Trump family self-enrichment is constant, but every once in a while something happens that is so “flagrant” it attracts attention. “It’s utterly outrageous, and yet it goes on everyday,” Heilemann said.

“This seems like such a flagrant conflict that violates everything that when you go to the White House, it’s what you vow to do,” Mika Brzezinski said. “And it appears that she’s just working on her brand.”

The panel went on to note the lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have rejected Trump’s pledge to save ZTE, claiming the company threatens U.S. national security.

“He’s putting personal finances of his family above America’s national security,” Scarborough said. “I think sadly, here we are a year and a half later, no one’s surprised.”

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