Morning Joe Rips Trump for Turning 4th of July Into ‘Kim Jong-Un Style’ Military Parade: ‘Just Obscene’

The set of Morning Joe was not impressed on Tuesday as they discussed President Donald Trump’s demand for tanks to be displayed at the National Mall for Fourth of July.

Trump confirmed recent reports Monday when he told reporters in the Oval Office that celebrations in the capital will include show-offs of various military hardware. As Eugene Robinson spoke of how “glorious and wonderful” it usually is to watch Independence Day celebrations in Washington D.C., he also remarked that “it’s not a political day. It’s a day for patriotism.”

“To take this and to make it into what seems to be kind of a combination Trump rally and Kim Jong-Un style military parade of hardware and equipment with Sherman tanks which is ridiculous. The last Sherman tank was taken out of service in 1957. But it’s just obscene, it really is, and I just hope it doesn’t spoil the whole day. I mean, of course they’ll try to have the biggest fireworks ever, and that’s okay. But presidents don’t speak at the Fourth of July. It’s the people’s day. It’s not the presidents’ day, and he’s trying to turn it into something else. I just think it’s awful.”

Willie Geist was doubtful of the White House’s insistence that Trump’s speech won’t be political, and Heidi Przybyla noted the ongoing concerns regarding the costs and logistics of Trump’s request.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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