Morning Joe Rips Trump Rally in Tampa: ‘This is What Autocrats Do’


Morning Joe tore into President Donald Trump Wednesday for his desire to incite crowds against the media.

“He points at the press, and whips the crowd into a frenzy to boo at the press there,” Joe Scarborough said of the rally Trump held in Tampa, FL Tuesday. “This is not only part of his shtick. But, come on, let’s just say it. This is what autocrats do. This is what autocrats do because they hate anybody that’s fact-based.”

“People that don’t want their power checked do exactly what Donald Trump does to the free press,” he added.

Andrea Mitchell agreed, saying: “I have covered seven American presidents in all these years. And none of them have liked the press. It’s been adversarial. There’s been tensions. But they welcomed it and tolerated it even during the worst of times.”

“We went through impeachment, and Lord knows Bill Clinton did not love the press,” she continued. “But we have only had three white House press briefings during the entire month of July. That is extraordinary.”

“And the quality of those briefings are limited,” Mika Brzezinski added.

“The upsetting factor is that you see the pictures on TV, specifically last night’s pictures from Florida,” Mike Barnicle said. “And, this is an administration and a president who has presided over effectively orphaning over 700 children today who don’t know where their parents are. They are here in the united States because they were separated from their parents.”

“The crowd obviously cares less about that than they do about haranguing the media,” he added.

“They also care less about the fact that Donald Trump is coordinating foreign policy with Vladimir Putin, an ex-KGB spy,” Scarborough quipped. “It’s a great distraction. Blame the press for all the things you’re doing.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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