Morning Joe Rips White House Over Doctored Putin Transcripts: They’re Trying to be ‘as Anti-Transparent as Possible’

Morning Joe slammed Donald Trump once again on Wednesday, this time over the news that the White House will no longer release summaries of the president’s conversations with world leaders.

The conversation began with a focus on Trump’s latest, questionably Twitter claim that Russians will interfere in the midterm election because they want to help Democrats. Willie Geist noted how Vladimir Putin confirmed last week that he wanted Trump to become president in 2016, and he also pointed out that the White House omitted that part of the Helsinki press conference from their official transcript.

As he pored through this development, John Heilemann decried the administration for their “absolute desire to try to be as anti-transparent as possible.” Heilemann also ripped the White House for editing their video of the Putin press conference to further the disinformation they’re spreading with their “faked records” on the transcript.

“I am always hesitant to invoke Orwell, because it’s too easily invoked, but this is across the board, it all adds up to a genuinely orwellian set of circumstances happening in the White House.”

Associated Press reporter Jonathan Lemire was also on the panel, and he noted that without any readouts, the public and the media will only learn about Trump’s diplomatic conversations through the lens of foreign governments. This means that the Trump Administration won’t be able to effectively control the narrative as negotiations take place.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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