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Morning Joe Roasts Trump on Border Wall: ‘Lying’ to Get ‘Ann Coulter to Stop Mean-Tweeting About Him’

Morning Joe went to town on President Donald Trump Wednesday over his fact-challenged commentary yesterday, which included tweeted attacks on Amazon and Democrats, as well as wild public statements about NATO and immigration.

In a lightning-round break down Trump’s festival of remarks, Joe Scarborough accused the president of “lying about NATO,” or at least being “ignorant.”

Trump said during a press gaggle with Baltic leaders that “billions and billions” are “pouring into NATO” because of his administration’s hardline stance on the body — which led many to conclude the president doesn’t understand how NATO works.

“He was lying or ignorant about Amazon,” Scarborough continued, before moving on to immigration, in light of Trump’s declaration that he will be fortifying the Southern Border with the U.S. military.

“Here we actually had a problem, but now the number of illegal immigrants coming across the border has dropped,” Scarborough said.

“Perhaps, maybe he knows that,” co-host Mika Brzezinski said.

“You think he’s lying just to try to and get Ann Coulter to stop mean-tweeting about him?” Scarborough asked.

Ann Coulter is, of course, the provocative right wing commentator (and one of the 45 people Trump follows on Twitter) who has been slamming Trump over his capitulations to Congress on funding the Border Wall.

“By the way, Ann Coulter knew exactly what she was doing,” Scarborough continued. “She tweeted at Trump, she baited him. And he has done all of these remarkably stupid things, over the last five or six days, just to respond to her tweet.”

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