Morning Joe: Romney ‘Put Himself In A Swiss Account,’ Unable To Openly Discuss Beliefs And Accomplishments

On Wednesday, the Morning Joe panel turned its attention to Mitt Romney‘s inability to openly discuss himself and the things most important to him and to his legacy as a leader thus far. Panelist Jon Meacham even joked that one could say “Romney has put himself in a Swiss bank account.”

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The biggest problem within Romney’s campaign, argued host Joe Scarborough, is that he “either doesn’t know who he is, or doesn’t want Americans to know who he is.”

“Look at Mitt Romney,” he continued “What are the three defining things of Mitt Romney’s personal and political life? And they are actually three M’s:

The first ‘M’ is Mormonism. He’s proud to be a Mormon, but he can’t embrace it too closely for a lot of different reasons. The second ‘M’ is money. He’s a money man. He’s done extraordinarily well. Talk to Democrats, talk to people who worked alongside him. Talk to Steve Rattner. They will tell you, he did great work setting up Bain Capital. But he’s sort of afraid to go there. And then the third is Massachusetts. He doesn’t want to talk about his Massachusetts record, because he was basically the godfather — at least intellectually — of ObamaCare.

Has Mitt Romney effectively “Swiss Bank account”-ed himself, as Meacham suggested?

Have a look, courtesy of MSNBC:

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