Morning Joe Scarborough Compares Trump Campaign to ‘Hiroshima’


If you were wondering whether it’s still too soon to crack wise about the hundreds of thousands of lives that were snuffed out by the atomic bomb at Hiroshima, the answer is apparently no.

During a discussion of Donald Trump‘s campaign tactics on Friday’s Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough made the observation that Trump had thrown the entire Clinton campaign into disarray simply by releasing an Instagram video that featured, among other things, a photo of the Clintons with Bill Cosby.

Following on that point, Sam Stein conceded that Trump’s campaign tactics are “asymmetrical,” which caused a giggling Joe Scarborough to blurt out his atomic zinger:

Scarborough: Also, one other thing. Over the past week and a half, with a single Instagram posting, he put the entire Clinton machine back on their heels.

Michael Steele: When the establishment looks at that, they go “Wow, who else could do that as effectively as he is dong that.

Sam Stein: I kind of disagree with this. I do think he’s sort of asymmetrical in terms of the way he does politics…

Scarborough: Sort of asymmetrical?!? Hiroshima was sort of asymmetrical!

Scarborough’s crack may, itself, be a product of the Trump Effect, in which everyone around him amps up their unfiltered rhetorical expulsions. That effect was on full display at last night’s debate, as candidate after candidate lit themselves on fire to get noticed alongside Trump. Even Marco Rubio was getting his aggression on, and Carly Fiorina threw a bomb at Hillary Clinton that could be heard all the way from the kid’s table. This is the new normal.

If anyone does get offended, Scarborough could just take a page from Trump’s handbook and say “Look, I’ve got tremendous relationships with the orientals.”

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