Morning Joe Sides with Clinton over Obama: ‘She Understands’ ISIS Threat

Former Secretary of State and presumed 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton put the biggest distance yet between herself and President Barack Obama’s foreign policy yesterday, telling Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg that Obama’s “failure” to arm Syrian rebels had allowed the Islamic radicals ISIS to fester. On Morning Joe Monday morning, host Joe Scarborough and anchor Andrea Mitchell seemed to come down on the side of Clinton.

“It’s almost like Hillary understands, like most foreign policy experts we have talked to over the past month understand, that ISIS is the beginning of a great unraveling of the Middle East,” Scarborough said.

“She understands it, she understood it then,” Mitchell said. “This is a little politically fraught, because the president is doing exactly what Americans want him to do according to every poll. He is not getting engaged. I think what is really hurting him: people want him to stay out of these foreign entanglements, but they want him to be a leader.”

“What Hillary Clinton is trying to do here is show the distinction,” Mitchell continued, “that she had the vision, if you will, to see that Syria was the heart of it, and if they did not arm the so-called moderate rebels, if you believe that they were — [Obama] said to Tom Friedman ‘That’s a fantasy.’ That shows the clearest distinction between these two.”

Watch the clip below, via MSNBC:

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