Morning Joe Slams Fiscal Cliff Politics: Everyone’s ‘Offended’ Their Base, And Still No Deal

On Thursday morning, the Morning Joe took a baffled look at the progress in fiscal cliff negotiations — or lack thereof. Everyone’s “offended” their base and made some concessions, so why, the roundtable asked, can’t they just get this done?

“I’m at a loss,” Joe Scarborough said. Everyone’s “sacrificed,” everyone’s “offended their base. So why can’t they get this deal done?”

On that point, Andrea Mitchell agreed, questioning why House Speaker John Boehner is asking his base to vote for something that goes against Republican principles “when they know it is a nonstarter” and won’t pass in the Senate.

Scarborough went on to note that while four years ago, he criticized President Obama for not sitting down with business owners and CEOs, now the CEOs are on Obama’s side. And they’re trying to figure out why Republicans won’t finish this deal. Boehner’s “Plan B,” to some extent, is “an attempt to give his people a chance to vote for something that they want to,” Mark Halperin contended.

But after that, “it’s going to have to shift to the president’s terrain than Speaker Boehner’s terrain, and he’s going to have to be willing as a patriot and someone who doesn’t go over the cliff, to bring something to the floor — basically a more Democratic plan than a Republican plan.”

Agreeing, Al Hunt noted that Boehner could have taken Obama’s plan, tweaked it, and “declared victory.” But he didn’t.

Watch below, via MSNBC:

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