Morning Joe Slams Fox News ‘War’ on FBI: ‘Rudimentary Beginnings of the Destruction of a Democracy’


MSNBC’s Morning Joe went after rival network Fox News on Wednesday morning over its “war against the deep state” that was being waged with fury last night by hosts such as Sean Hannity and Fox Business Network’s Lou Dobbs.

After calling out Dobbs by name earlier in the segment, Joe Scarborough launched into a hearty defense of Andrew McCabe, the deputy director of the FBI, who has become a boogeyman of sorts for critics of the bureau on the right.

“This man dedicated his life to you and to your family,” Scarborough said. “Keeping you safe from terror attacks in New York City, in Washington D.C., across the country.”

“And because Donald Trump has completely blown through every single barrier, every single constitutional protection, now some are attacking this American hero because it just fits their political, their political message of the day,” Scarborough continued. “It’s despicable, Mika. It’s despicable.”

Co-host Mika Brzezinski agreed.

“With so much at stake, so much at stake, it’s one thing to look at this president as a bumbling idiot who tweets and says stupid things and is inappropriate, misogynistic, racist and embarrassing, that’s one way of looking at it,” she said.

“But my question is, when is it okay to say that what we are witnessing before our eyes are the rudimentary beginnings of the destruction of a democracy?” Brzezinski lamented. “When should we be worried that this is happening? I say now.”

Scarborough then took direct aim at Fox News, even comparing some of its hosts’ rhetoric to the playbook used by Turkish autocrat Recep Erdogan:

“You should be worried,” he said, “when you have Fox News, declaring war, in their words, on the FBI and the Justice Department, the deep state there.”

“When you have people talking about secret societies inside of the FBI, that is out of Erdogan’s playbook that he used in Turkey to undermine that democracy. And to go after political rivals in his government. And they’re doing that in American, right now!”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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