Morning Joe Slams Trump’s ‘Crony Cabinet’ for Jets: ‘Stupidity on Top of Moral Corruption’

A Morning Joe panel laid into Tom Price Friday morning for his private and military jet use, which Politico reported cost taxpayers more than $1 million.

After playing a number of old clips in which Price lambasted various lawmakers for traveling private, the panel began discussing the fate of President Donald Trump’s Health and Human Services Secretary.

MSNBC’s Willie Geist then brought up a report that Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has also been flying private — to which Nicolle Wallace guffawed and cried out: “What is wrong with these people!?”

Wallace recalled that when she was in the White House working under President George W. Bush, the ethics adviser would never have allowed such extravagant travel expenditures.

“When Donald Trump says that ‘I can shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and my base would forgive me,’ he’s largely correct,” Wallace said. “But that does not extend to his crony cabinet.”

“It’s the bad mindset of the people at the top,” Geist added. “They shouldn’t be even thinking of getting on these planes. How could the process exist within these departments that people in the legal affairs department, the ethics office, how could they possibly sign off on it?”

Contributor Donny Deutsch also pointed out the impracticality of taking a private jet for such a short distance as Washington to Philadelphia.

“It’s actually less time to take an Amtrak,” Deutsch said. “That’s the ridiculous thing also, just the efficiency of how you manage your day.”

“That’s stupidity on top of moral corruption,” Deutsch concluded.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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