comScore Morning Joe Slams Trump’s ‘Abhorrent’ Weekend Tweet Storm: ‘Wouldn’t Accept it from Our Children’

Morning Joe Slams Trump’s ‘Abhorrent’ Weekend Tweet Storm: ‘Wouldn’t Accept it from Our Children’

The set of Morning Joe spent a good part of Monday morning’s show lamenting the curious weekend Twitter behavior by President Donald Trump, in particular, his continued attack of Senator John McCain who passed away just six months ago.

President Trump twice attacked the legacy of McCain, the former war hero who notably voted down the killing of Obamacare (which was a campaign promise of Trump’s) and even took a  shot at his daughter Meghan McCain who had understandably defended her father. Trump also tweeted out various unproven conspiracy theories and strangely specific programming directions to Fox News.

Joe Scarborough said “People that know him say this privately…George Conway said it publicly…this is not normal behavior. It’s abhorrent.”

Mika Brzezinski added, “We wouldn’t accept it from our children.”

Scarborough followed by noting that “it’s so incredible that the people who still blindly stand by Donald Trump and say what’s wrong with Donald Trump and say, ‘oh, he’s great, no, the media’s just after Donald Trump.’ You just look at their children and you look at the example being given to their children and you wonder how is a generation going to grow up.”

Mike Barnicle resolved with the cogent point, saying “the biggest danger is he has normalized abhorrent behavior that so much of the nation just shrugs its shoulders and moves on in the face of these bald-faced lies emanating from the president of the United States. ”

Watch above via MSNBC.

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