Morning Joe: Trump’s ‘Shutdown’ Call is Result of ‘Reality TV Show’ Getting ‘Boring’


President Donald Trump has threatened to allow another government shutdown if he cannot get his way on border security, and when Morning Joe talked about the news on Wednesday, the panel seemed to agree that this is all part of the president’s plan to keep stirring up drama.

Joe Scarborough argued that since Trump is such a lightning rod of controversy, the president is running out of twists to keep people interested in his presidency. The result: Trump’s reality show is starting to get “boring.”

This is a reality TV show. And I’m not being glib about it. This is a reality TV show. People like watching this guy go crazy. This is, this is the Kardashians come to Washington. When he gets predictable, when they say “I’ve seen this before” when they turn it off and say, you know what…I’ve seen this series before.”

Time managing editor Michael Duffy was a guest on the show, and he interjected by saying that another government shutdown is predictable now in a “normal Washington” kind of sense. Scarborough continued to lead the conversation, however, saying it’s only a matter of time before Trump’s incendiary rhetoric burns itself out and people grow weary of it all.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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