Morning Joe Takes In-Depth Look At Romney Family Vacation: They Look ‘Kennedyesque’ And ‘Athletic’

We don’t have to tell you it’s a slow news week. Anyone who is able to take a vacation during this holiday week — be they politicians or those who cover them — are off enjoying a margarita or seven instead of drinking copiously while crying at work writing about them on their laptops. This includes GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who is currently soaking in the sun up in New Hampshire. It also includes all of Morning Joe‘s usual hosts, leaving the show’s panel to fend for itself during a segment on, what else? Romney’s vacation.

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“Is he up yet?” Mike Barnicle asked NBC News campaign embed reporter Garrett Haake. “What’s he doing?”

The panel noted that pictures of the trip show the Romneys looking rather “Kennedyesque” and “athletic.” Possible translation: They’re a group of attractive white people? Haake shared that some of these images taken of the Romneys are the result of “enterprising” reporting.

Panelist Alex Wagner wondered whether any of the potential VP picks were out there, like maybe “Tim Pawlenty hitching himself to a jet ski.”

“The big secret to this whole weekend,” replied Haake, “may be that there’s no big secret.”

Or that Mitt treated himself to a second helping of potato salad. He’s so bad!

Check it on out, courtesy of MSNBC:

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